Mobilize Rescue Systems – COMPREHENSIVE & MOBILE



COMPREHENSIVE & MOBILE Mobilize Rescue Systems with Integrated Mobilize Rescue App by ZOLL Medical. Trauma Supplies, Medical Supplies, OSHA Compliant First Aid Supplies packaged in a durable carry case. The Mobilize Rescue System is designed to help untrained bystanders assess, manage, and monitor medical emergencies by using the protocols and best practices of the American Heart Association (AHA), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and the American College of Surgeons.

The Mobilize Rescue System comes with the instructions and the supplies needed to respond to a variety of emergencies including severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, chest trauma, hypothermia, burns, and much more, all while medical assistance is on its way to the user. These supplies are labeled and arranged (color-coded and numbered) to coincide with the instructions on the Mobilize Rescue App.

The Mobilize Rescue App Interface itself has been designed to be easy to use. The simple interactive prompts mostly require “yes” or “no” responses to determine the correct steps and procedures for each emergency. The written instructions are in easily understood layperson’s terms and are paired with visual cues. If you need additional help there are “learn more” buttons to assist you. The final screen shows a time-stamped record of every action taken during the emergency. The App is available for both iOS and Android enabled devices.

The COMPREHENSIVE and MOBILE Mobilize Rescue Systems include an integrated tablet with the Mobilize Rescue App, trauma supplies, medical supplies, and OSHA compliant first aid supplies. The COMPREHENSIVE comes packaged in a water-resistant hard carry case. The MOBILE Rescue System includes the same medical supplies as the COMPREHENSIVE Rescue System but is packaged in a sturdy lightweight backpack/carry case. Choose either the COMPREHENSIVE or the MOBILE rescue packages by using the drop-down window above.


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