G3 Quicklook AED Backpack


G3 Quicklook AED Backpack by Statpacks. If you are looking for an AED backpack, the QuickLook is specifically designed to accommodate most Automated External Defibrillators (without the carry case). The single adjustable buckle strap on the AED compartment allows for quick viewing of the AED status and rapid access. The fluorescent piping trim has a reflective property which allows for high visibility in any lighting environment (the black bag does not have fluorescent trim).

The Quicklook AED Backpack is ideal for use in public areas such as airports, coliseums, shopping malls, or homes as an all-in-one first responder AED backpack. The Quicklook uses a very simple design for the layperson as well as experienced responders. Available in red, blue, and tactical black. Choose a color option in the dropdown window above. Contents NOT included.


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